Module B01, Project Based: Idea and Concept

General Information
Date and time: to be announced
Duration: 4 days, 6 hours a day
Location: The Book Art Center Tbilisi, National Science Library, 1/4 Merab Alexidze Street, Tbilisi
Working Language: English, Georgian
Max. number of participants: 9
Supervisors: Otar Karalashvili, Andreas Oetker-Kast
Price: EUR 200 (equivalent in GEL. – for special discounts for students and Georgian citizens, please see terms & conditions)

Every photobook starts with an idea grown into a project, which, at some point, wants to be shown to an audience. But, before this can happen, we have to find out what kind of book it is going to be, and for whom, and we have to find the correct form, genre, and storyline.
We will start this process by looking at your images. We will analyse your idea, question it to get to the bottom of your story, and discuss whether it is already visible in your images or more images are needed to reveal it.
We will imagine how your book might look in the end, and to find the best possible format for telling your story. We will discuss how various factors might influence it: size, volume, binding type, materials used, inclusion of text, storyline structure, layout, design. Based on this, we shall come up with a working concept for your publication.

The module is focused on developing your project ideas. At the end of it, you will get an understanding of the story and possible storylines, and elaborate the first outline for an exposé, which will be necessary should you seek funding for your project. You will be aware whether there is need for additional material for your book (including text), and get an idea for a possible edit of your photographs.
Also, you will have a clear concept for the format of your book: the type and genre of the publication, its volume, possible design, and possible price.
At the same time, this workshop is part of an educational course. You will not only work on developing one specific project, but learn which questions have to be answered when developing a photobook project, and what has to be taken into consideration at the first stage of work – and how to recognize the main carrying axis of the future book hidden in your images.
Should you decide to follow through the B modules (B01-B04), your final product will be a printed dummy/prototype of your book. This will be presented at an exhibition the BAC is organizing, in addition we are in contact with local photography festivals for an inclusion in their program.
Certificates of participation will be awarded.

For Whom
The module is intended as a kick-off workshop for photobook creation, aimed at dedicated amateur and professional photographers and artists with an idea for a photobook project.
If you have a project and a number of photographs you would like to develop into a photobook, but are not quite clear yet what shape your project might take, which of the images really tell your story or how it works for other people – then this module is for you. You will get an initial push for getting from a set of images to a final photobook.

What You Need
For the workshop, participants are asked to bring photographed material that they think might be used for their projects. Please print your images (work prints only, no fine art prints necessary). Also, be prepared to introduce your project in the discussion.

Applications are considered on first come first serve basis, however, admission to the module is subject to evaluation of your submitted images. The course supervisors will assess your application and provide feedback on admission by mail.

Please apply via sending us a mail to