Module B03, Project Based: Design and Layout

General Information
Date and time: to be announced
Duration: 4 days, 6 hours a day
Location: The Book Art Center Tbilisi, National Science Library, 1/4 Merab Alexidze Street, Tbilisi
Working Language: English, Georgian
Max. number of participants: 9
Supervisor: Otar Karalashvili
Price: EUR 200 (equivalent in GEL. – for special discounts for students and Georgian citizens, please see terms & conditions)

In any book, design contributes significantly to its perception. In a photobook, however, the narration is primarily visual; therefore, design becomes crucially important. Once you have an edit of your material and your storyline is clear, it needs to be realized physically in an inspiring and creative way.
The sizing, the rhythm and the interplay of images, the layout of individual spreads and the composing of spread sequences, the distribution of visual emphasis, color, weight, and movement, the use of typography, but also the physical qualities of the book, such as size and weight, paper and binding type, may entirely change the way your images tell your story. While working on your book projects, we will learn how different aspects of design and layout can either promote or hinder the understanding and perception of your work.

Each participant will finish the module with a pdf file outlining the layout of her or his book. We will print these and work them into a physical dummy / prototype of your book which will be presented at an exhibition the BAC is organizing in cooperation with the Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival.
Certificates of participation will be awarded.

For Whom
The module is aimed at dedicated amateur and professional photographers / photo artists who wish to get experience in photobook design. It is intended either as a follow up to the modules B01 and B02 or as a stand along module, presuming you are already clear about your concept and have an edit of your photographs. If you wish to get a solid background in all aspects of photobook design and, at the same time, create a finished dummy of your photobook, – this module is for you.

What’s Included
Individual working space as well as all necessary equipment for computer layout, test printing and binding as well as necessary working tools and materials are provided.

What You Need
For the workshop, participants are asked to bring a draft layout of their photobook – in any physical or digital format. Also, please bring printed photographed material (work prints only, no fine art prints necessary) and hi-res images in digital form, as well as any text you plan to include into the book as a word file.

Admission to the module will be based on evaluation of your submitted material. The course supervisors will assess your Application and provide feedback on admission by mail.

Please apply via sending us a mail to