Module B04, Project Based: Promotion and Publishing

General Information
Date and time: to be announced
Duration: 2 days, 6 hours a day
Location: The Book Art Center Tbilisi, National Science Library, 1/4 Merab Alexidze Street, Tbilisi
Working Language: English, Georgian
Max. number of participants: 15
Supervisors: Otar Karalashvili, Andreas Oetker-Kast
Price: EUR 200 (equivalent in GEL. – for special discounts for students and Georgian citizens, please see terms & conditions)

So you have an idea and a concept for a photobook, all the images are edited – but how will you get from idea and images to a finished photobook that could then be offered to an audience? What are the different possibilities to get your work published? What about self-publishing versus working with an established photobook publisher? Who are established photobook publishers and how do you get access to them publisher, how to get them interested in your work? And last but not least: how can you finance production and publishing of your book?

And once you published your book – how do you find an audience for it? Where can you sell your book and what about promotion? What are the different ways to promote your book so that an audience can learn about it?

In this module we discuss all these aspects, we will talk about the pros and cons of self-publishing versus working with an established publisher, discuss possibilities to find funding for your book and show various ways to reach an audience.

You will have a better understanding of what it takes to promote and publish your work in form of a photobook and will see the differences in the alternatives of either self-publishing your work or working with an established publisher.

You will know what it takes to find outside funding for your book and will have learned about various ways on how to get there – and learn about the different opportunities to offer your book to an interested audience.

All participants of the module will receive a certificate of participation issued by the BAC.

For Whom
The module is intended either as a follow up to the modules B01-B02. Or as a stand alone module if you’re main interest is in finding ways to fund, publish and promote your book.

What You Need
For the workshop, you don’t need to bring any material other than a clear idea and description of your photobook idea and concept.

In case you’re interested in a discussion of individual projects, participants are asked to bring photographed material, either in digital form or as work prints (no fine art prints necessary).

Admission to the module will be based on a first come first serve basis – no entrance assessment will be necessary. Final admission will be communicated via e-mail.

Please apply via sending us a mail to