Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions before booking a workshop at the Book Art Center Tbilisi (BAC). Acceptance of these is presumed upon submission via mail or application form.

Our courses are open to people that are 18 years old and above. If you are under 18 and wish to apply, please ask your parent or guardian to contact us.
Admission to the courses may be subject to prerequisites specified in individual course descriptions. The BAC shall notify applicants of admission.

Places cannot be guaranteed for any course until payment is received. Upon confirmation of admission by the BAC, your place will only be held for a specified period, by which time payment should be completed; otherwise the BAC reserves the right to resell your spot in the program.

Please note that fees do not cover travel expenses, accommodation, and meals (unless otherwise specified in the individual course descriptions).

The BAC reserves the right to cancel courses if the circumstances dictate. If this occurs, you will be offered a full refund of your course fees*.
If you have to cancel before the start of the course, please see the refund structure below:

Cancellation charges:
Cancellation earlier than 6 weeks before: 0% (100% of fees refunded*)
Cancellation between 6 and 3 weeks before: 50% (50% of fees refunded*)
Cancellation less than 3 weeks before: 100% (no refund)

If we are able to resell your place for the course, we will refund your fees minus 5% admin costs (95% refund of fees*).

*Bank charges will be deducted from all refunds though.

Bonuses and Discounts
Those who book two consecutive modules within a course, will be eligible for additional free of charge consultation meetings with the supervisors – either in person or online – between the modules (to be arranged separately, about 2 meetings between modules per person, depending on the course type).
Students will receive 20% discount on any service by the BAC – but verification will be required.
Georgian citizens will receive a 50% discount on the regular fees, for Georgian students, the student discount is included in these 50%.

Other Provisions
The copyright for any work created (completely or partially) during the BAC workshops remains with the authors.
The BAC reserves the right to use and publicize the names of the artists as well as visual material of all work created (completely or partially) within the BAC workshops for promotional activities, be that in print or digital.
The BAC reserves the right to exhibit any work created (completely or partially) within the premises of the BAC. Artists commit themselves to provide the latter for exhibition upon request.
For events such as external exhibitions of work created during the BAC workshops, the BAC will seek agreement with the individual artists for inclusion of their work created (completely or partially) during the workshops. Artists will then commit themselves to provide the latter for the exhibitions upon request.
All participants and supervisors should be aware that during the workshops, visual material such as photo and/or video will be produced of the workshops, which will later be used for promotional activities in print and/or digitally for the BAC and its workshops.
The BAC confirms to not release or sell any customer information to any third party.
In case there are any particular health issues and/or allergies that the BAC needs to be aware of, all participants need to inform the BAC beforehand.
Artists can be made responsible for damage or spillage on BAC property caused by neglect of instructions received.