Photo by Andreas Oetker-Kast

Creating a photobook is a challenge. As a self-contained work of art in which the individual photographs become part of a whole, the photobook offers a visual narrative and tells a story.

Together with the Book Art Center Tbilisi (BAC), a non-governmental institution committed to the development of book art, book design, and book illustration in Georgia and internationally, we created a series of in-depth workshops for different levels, which will guide you on your way from your collection of photographs, your project, to a body of work ready to be published in book form.

We will explore the essential elements of the process of photobook creation: idea and concept development, visual narration, photo editing and sequencing, but also the role of other elements such as inclusion of text or spread composing and layout dramaturgy.

We’ll also talk about book formats, design and typography, as well as physical aspects such as paper, printing technology and materials, binding techniques etc..

And, last but not least, we will discuss questions regarding the funding and the publishing of photobooks – be that with an established publisher or via self-publishing – and issues around the marketing and promotion of the work.

All of this is divided up in various modules, which you can either combine to a longer workshop experience or book separately according to your individual needs.

Module A, Enthusiast
A01: How to Make a Photobook

​Module B, Project Based
​B01: Idea and Concept
B02: Editing and Storyline
B03: Design and Layout
B04: Promotion and Publishing

Please check the individual workshops for dates and details. Once a date is announced, there’s limited availability for each workshop, but if you’re interested, please apply via sending us a mail to, indicating which workshop or module you’re applying for.