God’s Own Country


From desert to palm trees, mountains to plains – it’s amazing to find so many different topographies in such a small country. When you travel to Georgia for the first time, you will undoubtedly hear the story about how Georgians ended up on this beautiful land. There are different versions, but the idea is, that, when God divided the earth into countries, he called out for all people to come and stake their claims.

Once all was set and done and God wanted to relax, he discovered a man resting under a tree, who didn’t take part in the hustle and bustle before. When God asked him why he wasn’t interested in a homeland for himself, the man replied, he was happy the way things were and that he would be content with whatever God had in mind for him. Impressed by the friendliness and effortlessness, God offered him the paradise he had reserved for himself, which then would become Georgia.